Saturday, November 6, 2010

yet , the love still not mine

i have no luck in a relationship .
but , thanks to you .
now , i became stronger than before .
you gave me hope , but then you hurt me .
you say that you love me , but then you said that we just more than friend but not couple .
pity me because i was blind with your fake love .
i'm waiting for you just like a fool .
now i realised , waiting for you is like waiting for rain in the drought .
useless and disappointing .
now , go away from my life .
don't ever step into my life again .
i'm trying really hard to forget you .
but , i'm really thankful to know you .
thanks for giving me your love .
i appreciated it .
it make my day bright with a smile .
even just for a while .

thanks to you !

p/s ; do missing someone that have been with me for more than two year and half :(

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