Monday, May 2, 2011

confession of broken heart

i've made a promise to myself .
don't ever shed a tears because of a guy .
i'm trying hard , you know . its not easy .
its easy to say , but hard to be done .
i won't repeat my silly mistake , again .
i still have pride that need to be uphold .

you !
don't you ever think that i can't live without you .
PLEASE . keep continuing your lie . i don't mind .
if you don't even care about my feeling , so do i .
just bear in mind , what goes around, comes around .
that was a simple philosophy of life .
but thanks because you love me , even just for a while .
i appreciate it . seriously .

. the end .

p/s ; craving for new heels and everything .

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hearthurtnomore said...

i like....terrbaekkk wook